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Clay County 1890 Jail Museum


Clay County Historical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 483

116 North Graham

Henrietta, Texas, 76365

e-mail: 1890jailmuseum@gmail.com

 The most significant artifact reminiscent of the county's early beginnings is the 1890 jail located in Henrietta, Texas. For over a century, this magnificent structure has served as a reminder of the early struggles of another time. In the mid 1990s the abandoned structure was restored. A further restoration in 2008/2009 added a steel framework to support the deteriorating brick and stone structure. It stands today as one of the best preserved structures of this era in Texas.


See the new "Barn", with many old farm implements, many of them horse-drawn


See the "Gallows" in one of the few jails built with internal gallows

See the residence of the Sheriff or live-in jailer and his family

See many specialized displays like the "Greatest Generation" collection


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