​​​Clay County 1890 Jail Museum 


Ned Coleman's Rock House

as described by Ned to JD & Leslie Evans

Ned Coleman (now deceased) once owned the property immediately to the west of the gas plant on Lone Star Road in Clay County. This old stone house is located on that property. Ned is shown here with Leslie Evans about 1998.

As Ned remembered, this house was already here when his family moved here about 1912. He lived in this house for two years when he was about 10 to 12 years old. The house faces south, and in design closely resembles ancient storage buildings found in France. The house is constructed of trimmed local stone, with a clay and cement covering visible on the west side. The floor is dug out app. 3 feet. In the rear is a stove for heat and cooking, with two shelves on the left side and a small cabinet on the right. A smokestack runs out the back and there is a shelf or platform above the stove large enough to hold a double mattress. There was a small chair and a small rocker on the dirt floor in front. Ned said, "Mom and Dad slept on the bed while the kids slept on pallets on the floor". About 20 yards to the west was a hand dug well that provided cool, sweet water and was never known to run dry. When the gas plant was built, it contaminated the well, and it was filled in.